Robert Christopher Smith
Creator, Co-Writer, Editor, Actor as "Frank F. Ford", producer, director
Robert Christopher Smith is a Louisville, Kentucky-born/ LA-based writer, actor, and director. He obtained his BA in English/Creative Writing from the University of Kentucky and his Masters in Applied Linguistics from Alliant International University in San Diego, CA. After spending two decades in professional sales and entrepreneurship, Smith boldly chose to leave his financial successes of that world behind in pursuit of his lifelong creative goals in the film world. His feature directorial debut with “Vengeance Turns” brings together his love of indie film, westerns, and comic books. Over the five years that “Vengeance Turns” was being developed, Smith wrote and/or directed a whole series of short films including “Cut”, “TAKER”, “Her Own Demons”, “Maddest Love”, and “Relatable” (Honorable Mention and Featured at several Festivals); with cast members from “Vengeance Turns” found in each. Smith plans to continue writing, developing and directing his own short and feature films with two other completed feature screenplays ready, and his first horror feature already in pre-production.
The five years spent developing “Vengeance Turns” and finally getting the story to the screen as “Volume One” and “Volume Two” has been one of the most relentlessly challenging experiences in my entire life but also the most overwhelmingly satisfying. “Vengeance Turns: Volume One” takes everything you ever knew about “spaghetti westerns” and turns it right on its ear. Amanda Walsmith co-writing the screenplay with me was vital in my ability to put a compelling female character on the screen with “Rebecca/Mia Falcon”. Mia feels real instead of simply imposing male attributes onto a female character. “Vengeance Turns: Volume One” is a unique story with a lot of familiar elements, crazy twists and amazing characters that I hope audiences are able to connect with.
Mr David Ruano
Director of photography & Co-producer
Mr. David Ruano produced the movie with Robert Christopher Smith but most importantly established the look and feel as the Director of Photography. There are some shots and scenes that were discussed for 4 years before shooting!
Paola luelmo
Lead Actress & Executive Producer
Paola brings levels of nuance to this incredibly complex character, both in her milder demeanor as "Rebecca" early in the film as well as the feral "Mia" throughout the rest. Director Robert c. Smith says "She is easily the most talented, and most 'directable' actor I've ever had the good fortune to work with. Her performance is a joy to behold and I cannot wait for audiences worldwide to join in on that praise! Remember -- You saw Paola in "Vengeance Turns: Volume ONE" first!
Azeem Vecchio
Lead Actor & Executive Producer
In many ways, Simon is the heart of the story in "Vengeance Turns: Volume One" just as Azeem was on the set while filming. If viewers walk away from this first film rooting for just one character? No One would not be at all surprised if that character was Simon Coletrain. A great character made amazing by an outstanding actor.
Jamald Gardner
Supporting actor & Executive Producer
If you walk away from "Vengeance Turns: Volume One" loving and rooting for Simon? There's no telling what you might desire for his villainous father, Jefferson Coletrain! Jamald Gardner is the ONLY actor who could bring this horrifying character to life and make him so multi-faceted... and keep you on the edge of your seat every time he is onscreen. You have to see Jamald as Jefferson Coletrain onscreen to believe it.
Amanda Walsmith
Co-writer & Co-Producer
Amanda Walsmith was the first actress to be cast as Rebecca/Mia Falcon way back in early 2017! Since Smith knew he wanted a female perspective very specifically, he and ruano included a writing assignment as part of the casting process for this character originally. After receiving over a thousand submissions, they met and became friends with Amanda, a former El Paso Police Officer-- and she spent several months early 2017 writing the first draft of the original screenplay with smith.
Nevin Millan
Actor, Executive Producer
Nevin Millan is a multi-ethnic chameleon with storytelling irons in acting, writing (plays, screenplays, poetry & prose), and filmmaking. Nevin has appeared worldwide on network television shows, mini-series, feature films, and stage productions. As an active proponent of diverse storytelling, he develops feature films, episodics, and stage plays through his production company, Antiquitas Pictures.
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